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Magnetic Data Line With 2 Pins

2022-12-14 14:34:34

It can achieve good high-frequency signal transmission, more than 10A current charging, high rate data transfer, quick charging via pogo pin charging, and other capabilities.


Introduction of the 2-Pin Magnetic Data Line


Elegant 2-Pin Magnetic Data Line with gold plating on the magnets for a stylish appearance and outstanding anti-corrosion performance.


The user-friendly design and automatic attachment improve the user's interaction with the electronic product. For example, our magnetic connectors can automatically attach to nearby devices.


Advantages of magnetic data lines


Automatically attaches and detaches from the device using a magnet interface. This simple and quick connection is user-oriented and user-friendly.


- Vibration-resistant


- Support for a high current, faster recharging, and shorter operating duration.


- Long mechanical life: 10000 cycles


Consumer electronics / smart wearable gadgets - Magnetic data line applications


- Digital cameras, medical equipment, and electrical appliances


- Electric vehicle/telephone application


- Intelligent water cup/car charger/air purifier


- Power banks, digital items, and tiny household appliances


- Charging products, signal transmission products, and so on.


The Pomagtor pogo pin, magnetic attraction connector, and magnetic attraction data line components have numerous applications. The examples below are just a few ways to use the product. For further information, please get in touch with pomagtor.


Pomagtor Magnetic Data Line 2PIN Specifications


Gold plating is used (According to customer requirements)


Rated voltage (each contact): 5V


Rated current (each contact): 1A


10000 times mechanical life


Temperature range of operation: -30 to 85 Degrees


Maximum Rated Current (Per Contact): 1A


Connectors are a crucial aspect of production components that every technician must contact. People may not be aware of it in everyday life, although it can be found in every electrical gadget. The major function of the battery connection is to connect and clear the circuit and reconnect the original blocked circuit for the system to function. Battery connectors are also becoming more miniaturized and multi-functional.

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