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About Pomagtor - Leading Pogo Pins Manufacturer And Solutions Provider

Shenzhen Pomagtor Precision Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, it is a high-tech enterprise with precision connection as the leading factor and technology development as the core, integrating R&D, production, and sales. Our main products are: Spring-loaded Pogo Pins, Pogo Pin connectors, Magnetic connectors, and magnetic charging data cables. Our products are widely used in intelligent wear, mobile communications, digital cameras, automobiles, medical devices, and other fields.

Our technology research and development and product innovation have always been ahead of the market development. Currently, the company is expanding its sales market in mainland China and Taiwan, and some products are exported to North America, Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, and other regions. In addition, Pomagtor has provided quality solutions for over 5,000 customers worldwide.

  • Vision

    Dedication, innovation, pursuit of excellence, sustainable development and growth, so that the application of Tyco Hanze high-quality products in a broader world.

  • Enterprise Purpose

    Responsible to customers and employees, do R&D, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech private enterprises; strive for development with excellent quality, and expand the market with sincere service.

  • Enterprise Mission

    Committed to energy conservation and consumption reduction, green environmental protection, excellence of social responsibility, the application of the latest technology to improve the quality of life of the public.

  • Custom Service

    We provide customers with the most professional customized product services. Our experienced sales staff will listen and suggest the best spring-loaded contact pins and connector that suits your size, shape, spec, and design. In addition, we monitor overall to ensure process quality.

  • Management Idea

    People-oriented, realistic and innovative, and strive for excellence.

  • Quality Policy

    Pomagtor has established a complete quality management organization structure. We ensure products comply with customer requirements. In terms of incoming material quality control, process management, and product quality inspection, we always insist on quality production.

Precision Manufacturing And Equipment Development Capabilities

As a leading Pogo Pins manufacturer, Pomagtor has a complete set of equipment and tooling for harness production and a complete set of mature technology, process, and testing software. In addition, we have the most advanced CNC precision automatic lathe, automatic Pogo Pin assembly & testing machine, automatic online testing machine, semi-automatic riveting machine, CCD Tester, and so on.

-Mikron Multistar
-Tsugami NC Automatic Lathe
-ESCO CNC Machines
-Ningjiang CNC Machines

Production Process

With rich experience in mold and fixture processing, we have a fully automatic assembly production line for specific components assy, which can meet the maximum production requirements of our customers. Pomagtor mainly has the following four workshops:

Riveting Workshop - Riveting Pogo Pin needle and tube
Injection Workshop - Magnetic data cable molding assembly and injection molding
Lathe Workshop - Turning needle tube steel column
Packaging Workshop - Clean packaging storage of Pogo Pin products

  • Laboratory

  • Injection molding

  • Warehouse

  • lmported lathes from Japan

  • Patent wall

  • Office environment

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