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Everything You Need to Know About Pogo Pin Connector

2023-04-13 17:30:38

Many modern electronic devices use an electrical connecting mechanism known as a pogo pin connector or the spring-loaded pin connector. It is made using a cutting-edge composition that gives it a very high level of resistance to electrolytic corrosion while maintaining low resistance. They are a popular connector for smart electronic systems because of their remarkable endurance, tolerance, and wide range of applications. Keep on reading further to find out more about them!


Structure of Pogo Pin & Pogo Pin Connector

The three major components of a pogo pin (spring-loaded connector) are the plunger, barrel, and spring, with or without an insulator carrier. The spring is compressed, while the plunger moves inside the barrel when pressure is applied to the pin. The barrel's design keeps the plunger in place, preventing the spring from forcing it out when the pin is not locked. Typically, the plunger has a slight slant to guarantee a constant connection.


Another factor of its structure hinges on how the ball is designed, which plays a major role in enhancing the number of contact points to provide a higher and steadier flow of electricity.


Applications of the Pogo Pin Connector

Many industries benefit from the countless advantages of a spring-loaded pin connector, such as telecommunications, military, medical, transportation, aerospace, and industrial automation. This gadget also has numerous applications, such as:


 Electronic Products

Magnetic pogo pin connectors are used most commonly and extensively in the electrical industry. Numerous gadgets use this modest yet effective utility. Electric-based companies work with ingress-protected connectors for consumer electronics like smartwatches or rugged laptops, as well as board-to-board connectivity like Bluetooth headsets, shared power banks, etc.


 Medical Device Products

Nowadays, pogo pins are used in small medical application designs such as blood glucose meters. These connectors are strong enough to endure the regular stress, vibration, and general use that portable and wearable medical equipment encounters in private homes and public buildings.


Moreover, they provide the better performance and waterproof qualities necessary, including the capacity to endure contact with fluids and cleaning agents for a variety of wearable and portable medical applications.


 Other Products

Other pogo pin connector products include camera and lens connections, among others. It uses a hermetically sealed connector to work underwater but only to a certain depth. Additionally, they are used to connect testing equipment to the chip, circuit, or design under test.


Advantages of the Pogo Pin Connector

 Simple Assembly Connection

The assembly is one of the key factors to consider when designing a device. If the manufacturer goes for manual connectors, it can take much money and human effort. But with a pogo pin connector, it takes less time to assemble a board-to-board connector since manual alignment is not involved.


 Small Space

Pogo connectors have a unique spring design that maintains their stability, and they can withstand up to 1 million compressions while being incredibly small. Moreover, different sizes of pogo pins are designed for different-sized products. For example, a spiral spring has an even distribution of force during compression; a stamped flat spring increases the strain on the bending corner.


 Stable Current

Pogo pins are designed in such a manner as to offer a steady current flow for the efficient operation of electronic devices. A stable current flow is made possible by the high spring force that makes the plunger easily press against the barrel wall.


 Low Cost

Instead of molding, pogo pins are made using the turning process. This method produces cost-efficient connectors by spinning a round piece of metal at high speed without using additional tools or materials.


What to Consider When Choosing the Supplier of Pogo Pin Connector?

When choosing the right pogo pin, it is important to work with a reliable pogo pin connector supplier. If you are looking for one, Pomagtor Precision is the leading manufacturer to contact.


We are a high-tech company with technology advancement and precision connection as our key principles. Due to our high-end and accredited products, such as magnetic data cable, our business is flourishing in the international market. Our Pogo connectors take up little space in your electronics while giving you mounting options that are strong, durable, and simple to attach and detach. Each Pogo connector is meticulously machined to guarantee a premium, low resistance, compliant connector that gives it the advantage over competing technologies.

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