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Quality policy: full participation, continuous improvement, innovation and customer satisfaction.
The company has established quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 international standard. It is certified by Sira Quality Certification Co., Ltd.

The company always regards creating additional value for customers as the core concept of enterprise existence. Relying on the active participation of all staff to innovate quality management through continuous improvement

Methods To prevent the occurrence of quality problems from the source, so as to optimize the production process, and ultimately achieve the overall satisfaction of customers.

  • Design quality

    Implant Customer Requirements Quality into Design

  • Reliability Verification

    Ensure compliance with customer requirements and design requirements

  • iqc

    Guarantee the quality of incoming material

  • Process management

    Overall monitoring to ensure process quality

  • oqc

    To ensure that meet customer requirements

  • Final inspection

    100% Full inspection to ensure the quality of each product

  • Prompt response

    To provide quality services for our customers

Environmental policy: abide by environmental laws and regulations, reduce energy and resources consumption, implement pollution prevention and control, and achieve sustainable and healthy development.

Comply with environmental laws and regulations. Strengthen employees'awareness of environmental protection, save energy and resources, prevent pollution, control harmful substances, continuously improve the environment, and achieve sustainable and healthy development

All products provided by the company fully meet the requirements of RoHS Directive.

Control of Harmful Substances by Various Control Methods:

  • Collect all customer environmental requirements
  • Implement environmental monitoring for each batch of incoming materials
  • Selection of High Quality Environmental Protection Suppliers
  • Implementing Production of Environmental Protection Special Line
  • Sign a comprehensive environmental protection agreement
  • Non-periodic sampling and out-of-commission testing

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